B TAXI BVBA, with registered office at Bld Paepsem 16 bte 2 in 1070 Bruxelles, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0631,785,348 below as part of these terms called VICTOR owns the Mobile Application VICTOR CAB®.


These terms are intended to define the terms and conditions of use of the Application for mobile devices VICTOR CAB® well as on the website and made available by the company VICTOR.


Any subscription of Application VICTOR CAB® as on mobile devices than on the website by the Client and / Chauffeur takes his full acceptance without reservation of these terms of use.


These terms of use apply to any service offered by VICTOR.


If the Customer and / or the driver do not accept all or part of these conditions, they must give up use the Application VICTOR CAB® and more generally to any service offered by VICTOR.





II.1. The "Website" means the website from which the services available on the Application VICTOR CAB® are accessible.


II.2. The "Application" means mobile VICTOR VICTOR CAB® owned. The application runs on the iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded by the Customer on smartphones and tablets. It allows the linking of the Client Application with the drivers for reservation purposes of the provision of private transport of persons, one following the "Race".


II.3. "Customer" means any natural person over the age of eighteen (18) years or entity having subscribed to VICTOR® application for mobile devices and via the website


II.4. The "driver" means the service providers with whom VICTOR concluded - directly or indirectly or through its subsidiaries - member of partnership agreements with groups of Taxi designated so as to constitute a national and international network Transportation by Taxi. The drivers are holders of a driving license, certificate of professional competence Taxi driver, a valid business card and driver of a vehicle equipped Taxi comply with the regulations in force, carrying out passenger transport services for its own account and on its own responsibility, during its hours of service.


II.5. The "Order" means the purchase and reservation of Race carried out by the User via the Application made by the Customer on the Website or via the Mobile Application VICTOR CAB®.


II.6. The "Course" means the transport service requested by the Client carried out by the driver through the use of the Application VICTOR CAB® or website Race is always performed by a driver affiliated VICTOR partner with a Taxi.


II.7. The "Taxi" means any vehicle with taxi, according to the regulations in force and driven by a driver.



III.1. The service provided by VICTOR is to seek, on behalf of the Client with a Customer geolocation system and / or a Taxi Driver available demand racing sector. The scope covered is only in the Brussels Capital Region and Halle-Vilvoorde. Driver search is performed as indicated and criteria provided by the Client.


III.2. Race is performed by the Taxi Driver, which carries, on its own behalf and on its own responsibility, the transport service requested by the Customer.


III.3. The Client and the driver recognize that the services offered by VICTOR through the Application VICTOR CAB® consist only:

      - To link the customer with one or more drivers;

- Allow the customer to choose and book a taxi, having been associated with one or more drivers.





IV.1. Using the application or service VICTOR CAB®, the Client and the driver enters into a contract with VICTOR. To use the application or service, the Customer and the driver must first register on VICTOR CAB®. When registering, the Customer and the driver must inform VICTOR CAB® their personal information and their mobile phone number. If registration has been successfully operated on VICTOR CAB®, it will provide the Customer / Driver personal account that can access it using a password chosen by them.


These identifiers are personal and confidential vis-à-vis the Client / Driver. They should not be disclosed and communicated to third parties. The Client and the driver are solely responsible for the use of the application and of their account. It is their responsibility to ensure that no fraud was, is, or can be made from its identifiers and if in doubt proceed immediately with the change of these identifiers Application confidential.


IV.2. Customer is responsible both legally and financially of all requests made using the Race access codes and PIN codes associated with the account.


IV.3. To register CAB® to VICTOR, you must be over 18 years old and legally capable. Customer is responsible for the veracity of the information it sends to VICTOR. If the Customer creates an account for a corporation, it explicitly acknowledges that he is authorized to do so and engage the body corporate of these conditions, and register in order to use the Service and Application VICTOR CAB.




Access to VICTOR® is open 7 days 7, 24 hours 24. The procedures for access to VICTOR CAB® may however be modified by VICTOR. VICTOR also allows to interrupt with or without notice, for reasons inherent to operating constraints. Using the service VICTOR CAB® requires compatible hardware, and Internet access and some software. The application VICTOR CAB® may require obtaining updates can be performed by the performance of these elements.




Different service levels are selectable by the customer:


  1. VICTOR CAB Ordering in advance and immediately a classic Taxi.


  1. VICTOR PLM (PMR) Ordering in advance and immediately a modified and equipped Taxi to transport people with limited mobility.


  1. VICTOR GREEN Ordering in advance and immediately a Hybrid of a 100% electric Taxi.


  1. VICTOR BUSINESS Ordering in advance and immediately a high-end car.


The availability of these services in the beam selected by the Customer solely dependent on drivers.


If selected by the Customer services 2 and 3 above, VICTOR strives to search for Taxi corresponding to the application. If unavailable, VICTOR reserves the right to send another type of taxi, which the Customer agrees.




VII.1. Immediate demands


At its Taxi Reservation Request, the Customer must indicate whether or not the application is immediate and the features of Race and especially the address to which the Customer wishes to be worse in charge. Based on the criteria of the Customer's request, VICTOR CAB® undertakes to indicate the presence of one or more Taxis available, affiliated to the application VICTOR CAB® and to indicate the approximate geolocation.


To activate the service and in order to launch its Order, the Customer must:


- Fasten then transmit its support address, its geographical position in real time with precision as possible, indicating in particular the street and the street number where he will be located for supporting;

- Transmit its destination address optionally.


The address for supporting can be located on taxiways incompatible type of parking at the crossroads, fastways, etc ...


In no event VICTOR can not be held responsible for a mistake in the definition of supported address.


Customer must maintain the terminal turned on and connected to the Internet to receive the answer to his request.


VII.2. Order in advance


An Order in advance is to recording VICTOR CAB® a request Taxi made by the Client within 24 hours before the departure time of the ordered Course. This is not the reservation of a vehicle identified as in the case of a course immediately but the consideration of a search vehicle cab which is programmed by the driver to be made within a variable delay, according to expected traffic conditions.


VII.3. Supported


The Customer must board the taxi as soon as it arrives at the address shown immediately in the event of immediate application or at the time specified if requested in advance. The driver is allowed to depart 10 minutes after arriving at the address indicated without notice in the absence of the Customer.


In such cases, the Driver finds non load and stops the course.




VIII.1. The cancellation or modification of the Order must be performed by the Customer before the reserved vehicle will be put in its direction, to honor his command, whether immediate or stroke in advance.


VIII.2. By setting the direction, the Customer agrees and acknowledges that this is the time or Taxi identified to meet the Customer's Order is set in motion in order to reach the place of care indicated by the Client. This development materialized in the direction VICTOR CAB by the change of status of the race passing status "Taxi in your direction," the taxi being identified as previously disclosed Order number to the Customer.

VIII.3. The cancellation for an immediate fare will not be charged provided if the cancellation is made 5 min after the order of the vehicle otherwise an amount of 5.00 € will be charged to your account.


The cancellation for a fare booked in advance is divided into several levels;

Level 1: the booking will not be charged provided if the cancellation is made 60 minutes before the arrival of the vehicle, otherwise an amount of 5.00 € will be charged to your account.

Level 2: the booking will not be charged provided if the cancellation is made 20 minutes before the arrival of the vehicle, otherwise an amount of 10,00 € will be charged to your account.

If the cancellation or modification of the order is made after the start of the fare, the driver will be immediately informed of the cancellation or modification of the fare in progress.




hroughout the use of the application VICTOR CAB®, the Driver and the Customer undertakes to respect the Traffic code and generally regulation and legislation.


Specifically, the driver agrees to use VICTOR CAB® applicable only at the stop of his taxi.




X.1. VICTOR CAB® offers the possibility to pay by credit card, Stripe account or via a credit account VICTOR CAB®, fed beforehand via credit card.


The PayPal payment system involves the collection by VICTOR the amount of the Course.


X.2. The Customer also has the option to settle in cash delivery directly to the driver after the race as well as bank terminal installed in the taxi.


X.3. The Client is informed and agrees that the driver be allowed to start the Taxi meter from his arrival at the Customer and its validation by VICTOR CAB®. The race will be settled by the Client directly to the driver, for the amount shown on the meter. As a result, the Customer agrees to take all its provisions in order to be able to make such payment.


X.4. If payment is made directly between the Client and the driver, the driver is obliged to rule final state of the race via the functionality of which is reserved VICTOR CAB® there





XI.1. The responsibility of VICTOR is limited to looking for a Taxi available at the address specified by the Client, VICTOR committing to implement every means to find a taxi available as soon as possible among its members Drivers service.


After confirmation of booking, providing transportation or running is performed at the request of the Customer, under the sole responsibility of the driver, to the exclusion of any other.


XI.2. The responsibility can not be engaged VICTOR if looking for a Taxi is not successful due to unavailability of Taxi. The responsibility of VICTOR will not be engaged in case of force majeure and, more generally, in the following cases: computer failure or telecommunications networks preventing the availability of online services, strikes, demonstrations, bad weather, traffic accident disrupting traffic Bottling unusually large, failure Taxi.


XI.3. Running the course is under only responsibility of the driver own. In case of delay due to the driver who agreed Course, of non-performance or improper performance of Course by him, the responsibility of VICTOR could not be committed.


The departure of the Customer or the cancellation of the Order by the Customer will in no way engage the responsibility of VICTOR.


XI.4. No refund of the Course, for any reason whatsoever shall not be required to VICTOR nor by the Customer or by the driver. VICTOR recommends that each customer to take extra precaution a margin of thirty (30) minutes to stations and forty five (45) minutes to airports in normal traffic conditions.


XI.5. The Driver and the Customer acknowledge that VICTOR is bound by an obligation of means in the services provided through VICTOR CAB®.


XI.6. In case of default of the Course by the Client, the driver will not seek the responsibility of VICTOR.




Without prejudice to Article VIII of these terms, the customer is informed that, on research and the provision of a transport service, he has no right of withdrawal in accordance with Articles VI.53 73.12 ° and VI Economic Law Code.



XIII.1. All elements of the site or VICTOR applications (graphics, images, texts, logos, databases, programs) including those appearing on VICTOR CAB® are the full property of VICTOR. The Client and the driver agree except that they can express written permission of VICTOR, copy VICTOR CAB® totally or partially, in any way or on any medium whatsoever, or adapt, to translate, sell , rent it, lend it, to disclose to the public or create derivative works of the above and more generally ask any act in violation of VICTOR copyright protected by the Law of 6 June 1994 on the Rights of copyright and related rights.


XIII.2. The Client and the driver is informed that CAB® VICTOR is a registered trademark. They recognize and accept can not have any license and thus give the word and figurative mark in any capacity whatsoever, directly or indirectly to a third party without the prior consent of VICTOR.





VICTOR reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of service by publishing a new version of the general conditions on his Smartphone Application VICTOR CAB®. The applicable general conditions are those in effect on the date of service usage.





XV.1. The Client, the Driver and VICTOR undertake to strictly respect the obligations regarding personal data as provided for in the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data.


XV.2. This means in particular that they shall take technical and organizational measures to protect data against accidental or unauthorized destruction against accidental loss as well as against alteration, access and any other unauthorized processing of data .


XV.3. The Client and the driver can accept VICTOR collect and use technical data and related information, including but not limited to technical information about your devices, system and application software, and peripherals, which are collected periodically to facilitate the provision of updates to the Application VICTOR CAB®, assistance related to the product and other services being for you (if any) related to the Licensed Software. VICTOR may use this information, as long as they are presented in a form that does not personally identify you, to improve its products or to provide services or technologies and only during the period necessary for this purpose. The Customer and Driver acknowledge and agree that in connection with the use of its service and Internet Application CAB® VICTOR, VICTOR reserves the right to record, use and maintain, for purposes of proof and to optimize the effectiveness of the reservations management process, all information related to orders received, the Customer's identification data and / or driver.


It is specified that VICTOR ensures the confidentiality of personal data provided by the Client and / or the Driver.




These terms and conditions are subject to Belgian law. If challenged and generally dispute over the interpretation, the execution and implementation of any of the services ordered via the Application VICTOR CAB®, it will be brought before the competent courts in the district court of Brussels, sitting in French except that Victor decides to bring the dispute before another court of his choice.



Victor Cab